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Related article: Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 16:07:18 -0700 (PDT) From: Beautiful Creamer Subject: After-School Stroke Club-- Part TwoAfter-School Stroke Club -- Part Two By Beautiful Creamer One -- Thursday -- More Rec Room Fun " That was a huge load, Jerry," I said the next afternoon as Jerry's limp, drained cock slipped from my wet lips. I had just swallowed several large, sticky gobs of the sweet boy's delicious cum. "You must have really needed that." Jerry was on top of me, kissing me and reaching into the silk underpants Mr. Forbes had given to me in remembrance of our night of raging lust. Jerry fondled my stiffie sweetly and said, "I'm crazy about you, Vince. You know that. I thought about you all night, when I knew Mr. Forbes was stuffing your bottom. My poor Daddy had to come into my bedroom, lift my nightshirt and milk me twice, just to calm me down." Wow, I thought. Jerry sleeps in a sissyboy nightshirt. And his Daddy milks him! I shuddered in wild surmise about how that would be with my Daddy. Jerry continued. "And I thought about you all day today too. Why wouldn't you join me in the second-floor boys' room for a little fun during lunch period?" I kissed the impetuous boy back. "I'm crazy about you too, Jerry. But I don't like those quick gropes. I'm afraid we'll be caught." Jerry began to lick and suck my nipples and said, "Isn't that half the fun?" Having one's nipples sucked was certainly fun. Especially by Jerry. But life had gotten so complicated in the past few days. Glorious, but complicated. I had been (or thought I was) straight for 15 years and a gay little sissyboy for only a couple of days. But I really LOVED being a little sexball. In school, I felt that I was in disguise as a straight boy. That was weird, don't you think? Apparently, Jerry faced the same issues. I asked him, "You sleep in a nightshirt and your Daddy milks you?" I had seen Jerry's Daddy naked in the rec room the previous day and he was most dishy. Jerry stopped kissing my nipples and said, "I know. It sounds really gay, doesn't it? The other guys worry about that a lot. But that won't stop me from making you squeal and cum, then fucking your pretty bottom until we both cum again." That sounded divine. But I had to ask. "But your Daddy milking you. Isn't that...wrong?" "Sissyboys NEED regular milking, Vince. It's a biological fact. And I'm a sissyboy. These other guys won't admit it, but I will. I'm tired of pretending to be a straight boy. And there's nothing wrong with a sissyboy's daddy milking him. It strengthens their bond and the best milking a sissyboy gets is always from his Daddy." I began to form a picture of me sitting on my Daddy's naked lap. I'm wearing a skimpy pair of pink underpants and he has my little stiffie out. It's red and throbbing and he's stroking it as we kiss. Daddy's being so wonderful to me. I have to pay him back. I just have to. So I touch his big, thick, redheaded monster. Daddy groans with pleasure as we stroke and kiss and stroke and...Oh. Oh. Back in realityland, I began to spurt the hot juice of my loins into Jerry's warm hand as he smothered my face with his loving kisses. I was so hot that my ears were burning. True to his word, Jerry kissed me through a magnificent cum, then used his fingers to transfer my goo to my sissypussy, greasing me up with the world's best natural lubricant. His fingers massaged my prostate to the point of sexual torture. Then, as I was sobbing for a fucking, he flipped me onto my stomach, lifted my hips and impaled me with his penis. Agggghhhhhh! The boy could fuck, sissyboy or not. Soon I was a whimpering little fucktoy, taking his boyfriend's hot meat the way he wanted to give it to me. Oh, those notions made everything even hotter and after 20 glorious minutes of Jerry fucking me and praising my beauty and the tightness of my "pussy," we came to simultaneous, messy conclusions. As we cuddled, kissing, on the rec room couch, oblivious to our classmate's carnal couplings, I suggested a heresy. "Have you ever been `outside' as a sissyboy, Jerry?" "No, Baby. No one does in our group." "Would you like to?" "Are you kidding? I'd like to go full time as a sissy, even in school. But it's not done." I hesitated, then said, "We could do it, you and I. With our daddies' help." He looked at me. "It could be done. Did anyone tell you what we do on Fridays?" They hadn't and I said so. "We don't go to Dan's after school. We go home and get sissied up in skimpy, silky underpants, super-short shorts and such, have dinner with our dads, then come back to Dan's at 7 for a 12-hour love-a-thon. Each boy pairs off with a dad, they find a bedroom or a couch and they make love. Sometimes there are switches during the night. It's lots of fun. If I get your dad and you get mine, I think we could get them to agree to anything, including taking us out in public over the weekend. There are no planned `club' activities on Saturday or Sunday anyway." If I couldn't use my asspussy to get what I wanted, what kind of sissyboy was I? Two -- Thursday Pain Relief Jerry and I enjoyed each other fully the rest of that Thursday afternoon, but at 6:45, Dad picked me up and we went home for dinner and homework. When bedtime came, I sissied myself up and put on a nightshirt that Jerry found for me in the rec room supply chest.. Then I called out, "Daddy, would you tuck me in and kiss me goodnight?" What Dad ever turned that down? Daddy's eyes got very big when he saw me lying on the bed. I was on my back, with the covers pulled off me completely. My nightshirt was so short that my balls were showing. My cock was so stiff that it tented my nightshirt. "Did you have a good day today, Babydoll?" I loved those sissyboy names Daddy was calling me. "Oh, yes, Daddy. Jerry and I made hot love several times. But look Daddy, my painful stiffness is back." I lifted my nightshirt to my belly button, revealing my respectably long and thick cock. It was red, throbbing and dripping. "The other sissyboys' daddies milk them when they're in this condition. Will you milk me, Daddy? Please?' Daddy didn't completely believe me, but it wasn't his brain that was making that particular decision for him. " Sure, Honey." Daddy licked his hand for moisture, then began to masturbate me quite expertly. I made lots of sissy noises and we both enjoyed the experience immensely, even when I spewed my boy's cream so hard it hit Daddy in the nose. He kissed me sweetly on the lips, then was about to cover me up when I said, "But Daddy, now you're in pain, let me help you." It was Preteen Girls Naked so true. He was horribly excited and it took very little convincing for him to lie next to me on my bed, pull down his pants, and have me stroke his gorgeous cock. Oh, it was beautiful! And so hot! I kissed him a lot when I was stroking Preteen Girls Naked him and Preteen Girls Naked he was squirming and shuddering as if he were really enjoying himself. I guess he wasn't faking, because that huge spermstorm that he produced was a nor'easter. I was so happy that I could make Daddy happy, though he seemed exhausted after his bodacious orgasm. He kissed me one more time, tucked me in and left my bedroom. My life was pretty good. Three -- Friday Father Fun We rec room sissyboys loved Fridays. Not only was it the end of the school week, unless something like a football game was going on at school, it was the night all the fathers and sissyboys had lots of cummy fun. I got home from school that day around 3:30 and took a bubble bath. I wanted my skin to be clean, soft and smooth for Mr. Wilson, whose cock I wanted to "harbor" that evening. I also wanted to shave the few hairs I had from my legs and body. I remembered to pat, not rub my skin dry, and I made up my face and powdered myself very liberally. I considered myself in the mirror. There was no doubt. I was very pretty. I turned away from the mirror, then looked over my shoulder at myself. I had a fine ass. A lovely, bubble-shaped bottom that I knew would drive men wild. I was getting stiff looking at my naked back and tushie, imagining all the fun I wanted to give to the nice men of the world. That was when Daddy surprised me. He walked into the bathroom as I was admiring my naked self and he chuckled at my narcissism. "You're beautiful and you know it. Preteen Girls Naked A dangerous combination for the men of the world." "Not for you, Daddy," I said, throwing my naked body against his clothed one. "I'm yours whenever you want me." Daddy's voice was thick with lust as he held me against him. "We can't, Baby. You know that." I just purred and rubbed against him more. Then I said, "Daddy, I'm so excited about tonight. Could you milk me at least?" Well, he couldn't Preteen Girls Naked turn that down, could he? Daddy sat on the toilet seat lid. Still naked, I sat on his lap and threw my arms around his neck. "Milk me, Daddy. I'm so hot! Please, Daddy. Don't make your little sissyboy suffer." I had left some Vaseline within Daddy's reach. He grabbed it and began to apply globs of it to my twitching sissymeat. It felt fantastic! Then he asked me to stand. What did he want...oh. He entered my bottomhole with two greased fingers and found my...SQUEAL!!!!...prostate! Unnnnhhhh. He was rubbing and caressing my cock and sissynuts with his right, lubed hand as he explored my boypussy with his left hand. My own Daddy was making me crazy with pleasure. He was an angel! I Preteen Girls Naked was panting and gasping and my eyes were very wide. My nipples erected. Oh, if Daddy would only kiss them. He rubbed the exact right spot in my "dirty" and I lost it -- lots of its -- big, thick, hot strands of my sissyboy juices flew across the bathroom as I whimpered in an agony of pleasure. Daddy's continuous milking throughout my orgasm tripled my pleasure. I adored Daddy and, when he had removed his fingers form my boypussy, I sat on his lap and kissed him in complete submission. I would have let Daddy do ANYTHING at that moment, but his was the wiser head. He kissed me for a while, then left to get ready for the "mixer" at the Forbes'. How about my Daddy, huh? Who would have thought it? When we arrived at the Forbes', I was wearing a very brief tshirt that exposed my belly button, and tiny, purple shorts that showed off my sexy legs. There's nothing like entering a room to discover 15 people, all of whom want to fuck you. I couldn't have said that a week earlier. But I liked it a lot. All the boys were there. There was a lot of giggling and flirting, then sissyboys started pairing up with the horny fathers of their clubmates. I was hit on by them all, except for Daddy, darn it. But I accepted the overtures of Jerry's dad, Mr. Wilson. I was pleased to notice that, according to our plans, Jerry had snagged my Daddy and was leading him off for a memorable evening of orgasmic delights. The house had five bedrooms and lots of couches in the other rooms, so finding a spot for wrestling was easy. Mr. Wilson and I grabbed one of the smaller bedrooms, though it still had a king-sized bed. Mr. Wilson was different from Mr. Forbes. He was a little older, not quite as handsome, though quite dishy, and he had Preteen Girls Naked a mustache -- a "womb broom," the naughty man called it. I had peeked at his cock when I saw him in the rec room two days earlier, and it was a very nice one. Not enormous, but stiff and ready, with a large head and thick foreskin. And balls bursting with hot cum for the boy who drew it out. Mmmmmm. He was also a lot more talkative than Mr. Forbes, who pretty much had let his cock do his yakking. He sat on the bed and beckoned me to sit on his lap. We were both still fully dressed when I joined him. "You're very beautiful, sweetheart. I'm the luckiest Daddy here tonight. I'm the luckiest man in town tonight." I blushed deep red. I didn't know how sincere the praise was, but I didn't care. I loved hearing it. He went on. "You have very pretty eyes. May I kiss your eyes?" I nodded shyly, like the virgin I had been until the beginning of that very week. Mr. Wilson gently bruhed his lips against each of eyelids. My cock engorged with another pint of blood. I felt a stiff object poking my hip as well. We had all night and Mr. Wilson was apparently going to take his time. He kissed my lips softly and I was starting to get hot. Then he started talking again. "You're a natural little prickpleaser, aren't you? You're pretty as an angel. And you love to drive men crazy with lust, don't you?" "Guilty," I said, then kissed him harder and rubbed my hip against his thick cock. "You like cum too, don't you, baby? You like making men produce it. You like seeing it leap from a man's cock. And you love to lick and swallow it. Right?" I was getting very hot. I whimpered a little in response, then stood up, shimmied down my underpants, sat on his lap again and began to lick his earlobe. Thank goodness, Mr. Wilson stopped talking. Almost tentatively, he touched my cock. He held the shaft with his fingers and rubbed the head with his thumb. My goo was holding the friction at just the right level. He was a good kisser too and I liked that manly mustache tickling me as we smooched. Before I knew it, we were both naked, and I was on my back. I liked being on my back with a man around. Then Mr. Wilson started that darned talking again. It's a good think he was cuddling my little nut bag as he yapped. "My son Jerry is crazy about you, Vince. The poor guy wanks himself silly thinking about you. He knows a natural-born sissyboy when he sees one, and so do I. Jerry's a sissyboy too. But not like you. You're a sissyboy's sissy, Sweetie." I took that as a compliment. Things were sure getting warm in there and neither of us had cum yet. I decided to break the ice. "Would you like me to show you how much I love a man's cum. Mr. Wilson?" He stopped tickling my testicles and said, "That would be very nice, Baby. But I think I want to taste that big, creamy load I've been stirring up in you. A true sissyboy's first cum of the night is the tastiest thing on earth.' I was blushing again. He lay on his back and had me kneel, straddling his shoulders, and feeding him my cock. That man knew how to suck cock. And it shut him up, which was a double benefit. His tongue was hot, wet and flexible. His lips massaged my sensitive parts. And his enthusiasm for my little cocklet was astounding. He knew his way around a boy's ballbag as well, I must admit. He had me squealing loudly, then losing control of myself and flooding his talented mouth with a thick sauce of boy sperm. And he was chiding ME, about being a cum lover! The man sucked my cum down like water at an oasis of love. The evening had started off well. Rather than let me service him next, Mr. Wilson had me stay in position. Then he reached over to the nightstand and applied a thick layer of Vaseline to three fingers of his right hand. I thought I knew where all that was going. Up my pooper. The bad man entered me with one then two, then three fingers, as he licked and sucked my erotically sore balls. When he found my prostate, I was frantic and my chest was heaving in sweet torment. He never touched my cock, but no matter. It became an expressway for my sissyboy cream, speeding out the peehole exit ramp and coating his face and hair and the pillow his head was on. Things were getting interesting. I began the evening thinking that my interlude with Mr. Wilson would help me create some fantasies about dirty dealings with Daddy. But Mr. Wilson was growing on me. Then Mr. Wilson was inside me. He grabbed my hips and relocated my slim bottom over his throbbing, needy cock. I had been thoroughly lubed and opened, but the insertion was still magnificently tight. He was a gentle, but insistent fucker. And very good at it. I loved being on top. And when my time came, I loved spraying my third sticky load on his chest hair. I whooped when he shot my bowels full of cum. I love being a sissyboy. The rest of the night was very hot and very draining. And, of course, I convinced Mr. Wilson to take Jerry and me out Preteen Girls Naked in public as sissyboys, with my Daddy along to chaperone, of course. I probably could have gotten the deed to his house if I had pressed the matter. Four -- Out and About Jerry and I compared notes at breakfast the next morning in the Forbes' kitchen. It was seven a.m. and everyone else was upstairs fucking or sleeping. "Your Daddy is a fantastic lover, Vince," the lucky boy said. "He's even better than Mr. Forbes. He's sweeter and nicer. And he really wants to make a boy cum." I was so envious! "I'm not surprised, Jerry," I said. "I think about him making love to me all the time. I know it's wrong, but I can't stop thinking about it. Do you feel that way about your Daddy?" "Of course, Silly," my friend said. "I'm a sissyboy and we all want to suck our daddies' cocks and take them up their bottoms. Those other six boys are in denial, but you and I know who we are, don't we?" He was right. I knew who I was and it wasn't who I was. "We're going out as sissyboys today, you, me and the daddies," I said. "You bet we are," Jerry said. "Now let me just see if you have anything left in those pretty balls." The naughty boy got on his knees and fifteen minutes later, he discovered that a young boy never seems to run out of creamy juices. I returned the favor as a matter of courtesy. I got a very naughty idea at that moment and voiced it to Jerry. "Our daddies are sleeping. What if we switched lovers? I would go into my Daddy's room and you go to yours. When they wake up, they'll be all sleepy and we can stuff our boypussies with their big cocks. By Preteen Girls Naked the time they wake up fully, they'll have fucked their own little sons." That was the most exciting idea I had ever had! Despite my recent cummage, I was stiff and twitching at the thought of my naked, handsome Daddy rutting into me. Flames coming from his nostrils as he filled my bottom with his Daddy seed. Oh no!!! I was cumming hard just from thinking about it. All over poor Jerry, whom I was hugging at that moment. He held me in his arms and said, "You really want that, don't you, Vince? You're the truest sissyboy of us all. But I'm not ready for that. And neither are you." He was right. You're not ready for that either, are you, Dear Reader? But it sure is an exciting idea. We did go back into our lovers' rooms and I took two more big, hot loads of cum into my sore, but happy bottom. Mr. Wilson said, "You're the best piece of ass I've ever had in my life, Vince. And I mean it. You had better get used to hearing that, because I think every man or boy who fucks you will say the same thing. You're just so hungry for what a man gives you. All of it. Not just the fucking and the cum. The touching. The love and affection. And you surrender body and soul to a man as he makes love to you. You make a man want all of you. To possess you and put his brand on your bottom. You're wasting every minute you pretend to be a straight boy." He was right. But that was about to change. That afternoon, for the first time, two members of our group ventured out as sissyboys. I'm proud to say that it was one small step for a sissyboy, one giant leap for sissykind. Neil and Buzz would have been proud. Daddy and Mr. Wilson piled us into Mr. Wilson's van and escorted Jerry and me on a whirlwind exploration of our sissy personae. We dressed the part, with skimpy clothes that said. "Fuck me, please, whoever it may concern." The proud, horny fathers, each of which had us draped to an arm, took us to lunch at L'Ile du Diable, our town's ritziest French restaurant. Acting as we did, the men being obviously our Preteen Girls Naked romantic escorts, even though we were young, pretty boys, our entrance to the restaurant engendered several male neck injuries. We were terrible flirts, even while seated in the booth. I was sitting next to Daddy, peeking shyly at all the men staring hotly at my aura of sexuality. "Daddy, all these men looking at me are exciting me. I'm going to need a good milking soon." "Me too, Daddy," Jerry said to Mr. Wilson as he rubbed his thigh. The daddies gulped and, perhaps, already regretted the day's agenda. "If you can hold off until after lunch, we'll give you both special milkings," Daddy said. That sounded excellent. I wondered what it could be, and so did Jerry. Lunch was wonderful, but I wasn't kidding. I really did need a milking. All that male attention had me simmering and I hadn't cum in almost FOUR HOURS!!! That's almost sissyboy abuse. Daddy and Mr. Wilson paid the bill quickly and hustled us to the van. I didn't want any half-hearted milking, because my prick was sore and needy. And my little walnuts were aching for release. My needs were met. And then some. I was almost expecting that I would be milked by Mr. Wilson and Jerry would have Daddy. Well, thank goodness, I was wrong. Milking me was Daddy's paternal duty and he took it seriously. Daddy and I sat in the back seat of the van, while Jerry and Mr. Wilson took the front. Daddy wasted no time. "Pull your underpants, down, Sweetheart," the hunky man said. Eagerly. I complied. I Daddy my treasures. Pink, pretty, erect, and gooey. And throbbing with love for Daddy. Oh, how I ached for Daddy to take me in his mouth and suck out my juices! But Daddy remained the grownup, darn it. "You're a perfect doll, Vince. I'm so lucky to be your Daddy!" I glowed with love and whimpered, "I love you, Daddy. Please milk me. It hurts!" Daddy kissed me, deeply. Oh, I was boiling. He put his hot tongue in my mouth and made me swoon. Then he gently touched my cock, rubbing it with his fingers, driving me crazy with desire. I fumbled for Daddy's zipper, then was delighted when I found that he had already unzipped himself and his big, thick, daddyish meat was there for my little hand to caress. That milking was indeed special, but Daddy had plans to make it even better. He stopped kissing my lips, then kissed my neck. Each touch of his lips set me on fire! My poor cock was being assaulted by his expert hand and his hot kisses proceeded to my shoulders. The bad boy bit my right tshirt strap and pulled it down with his teeth and off my shoulder. What was he doing? Daddy exposed my right nipple to his burning lips. He was kissing my nipple! Adoring it. Treating it like a real titty! My nipple erected and my cock became critical. I stroked Daddy urgently and whimpered in ecstasy. This was the best! I closed my eyes, threw my head back, squealed loudly, and spurted the entire contents of my little testicles all over my Daddy. That set Daddy off and he shot his big, hot manly load all over my hand and the Wilson van. Is started to put my head down to catch his sticky spurts in my mouth and devour them, but I stayed on the proper side of the line. How long was I going to be able to keep doing that? The Wilsons were similarly engaged. Jerry's bare nippled were exposed to his Daddy's sweet kisses as they tossed each other off passionately. I was having the best week anyone in history had ever had. Jerry and I got ourselves back together again and fixed our make-up. Then Mr. Wilson and Daddy took us shopping downtown. Well, you would have thought we were movie stars or something the way men and boys looked at us as we walked through the beautiful outdoor park and stores. It was a pretty, fall day and we were enjoying the randy stares we were getting from every man and boy over the age of ten. Jerry and I were shameless teasers. We bent over to pick things up from the ground, wiggling our pretty bottoms and showing little wisps of our underpants. But mostly, we just sissied here and there, boiling male blood wherever we found it. After an hour or so of this, the Daddy's suggested that we go into Cheddar's Department store and buy some pretty things, an offer no sissyboy ever refuses. Daddy stuck with me in the "sissyboy accessory" department, while the Wilsons went off to lingerie. Like every male in such an environment, Daddy found a seat and left me to hunt my prey -- pretty, brief, mostly-pastel, sissy clothes. I found oodles of lovelies and even two oversized "toys" for those moments of immediate need and was wondering whether Daddy would ante up for them all, when I saw my first real competitor of the day. A gorgeous, late-teens sissy, dressed every bit as sexily as Jerry and I, was staring at me. His arms were filled with pretty clothes. His face was angelic Preteen Girls Naked and he had beautiful sexy, blonde hair. His legs were long and his ass was perfect. Suddenly, for the first time since I had sissied, I felt inadequate. We stared at each other some more, then he moved toward me. I was a bit nervous, but he spoke to me with the sweetest voice, saying, "My name's Tommy. What's yours?" "Vince," I gulped. He was even more beautiful and sexy at close range. "That's a pretty name, Sweetheart. You're very beautiful. May I ask you a personal question?" This was interesting. I nodded. "Is that your Daddy sitting over there?" he asked. "I thought so. He's very hunky. Do you two do the nasty?" I shook my head no, in obvious disappointment. "Too bad," Tommy said. "We all want that, but not many of us achieve it. Does your Daddy suck your sissycock? Do you suck his Daddy meat?" Sadly, I answered no and no. "Hmmppphh. He kisses and milks you, doesn't he? And you milk him back." I nodded happily and he said, "A good thing. I would have called the sissyboy abuse hotline if he didn't." I think he was kidding. There is no such thing, right? Tommy took charge. "I know you're skeptical, Vince. Grab those things and let's go in the changing room and I'll show you some things." I followed him. Fortunately, the changing room was empty and we found a big booth. I hung up my try-on clothes, then turned to see Tommy skinning down his wispy pink underpants. The beautiful doll stepped out of them. I gasped. His cock was huge. Long, thick and pink, with big, hairy balls. I never would have imagined equipment like that on someone as pretty as him. Being who I was, however, my need to touch it outweighed my surprise and reluctance. I ran my soft hand all along its length, making Tommy pant with pleasure. "Sit on the bench, Vince. You can suck it if you want." I wanted. Oh, Tommy. I want to be just like you someday. I took Tommy's thick meat into my mouth and gave him my thorough, wet attention. He made wonderful little noises, but muffled them since we were in a public place. When he filled my mouth with his thick cream, he uttered only the softest, most sissyboy squeal. It appeared that I had pleased him greatly. He brought me to his body and kissed me passionately, all the while reaching around and easing my underpants down to my knees. His hand was so hot, it burned my cock, and when he replaced his hand with his mouth, I was totally in flames. The most beautiful sissyboy on earth was sucking my wee as he tickled my bottom hole. I was no match for his talented lips and tongue and he plunged me into wrenching orgasm in short order. Afterward, we sat on the bench, kissing until I asked shyly, "Could I see your nipples, please, Tommy?" Tommy stood and had me unzip him. He removed his shirt to reveal two big, brown, erect nipples. Warm and inviting a good licking and sucking. I accepted the invitation. Oh my. I hadn't thought about it much before that, but at that moment, I wanted nipples just like those. I wanted to feed them to Daddy. I listened to Tommy's sexy suggestions for their proper adoration. His nipples were very sensitive and before we knew it he was cumming hard again. Just from having his nipples worshipped. Wow! Tommy and I gathered ourselves together, we kissed softly and left the changing room. Tommy was my idol!! Tommy made a beeline for my Daddy, with me running behind to see what he wanted from him. "How do you do, Mr. Finley? I'm Tommy Mullins. Vince is the prettiest teenage sissyboy I've ever met, and I've met quite a few." Daddy was startled and looked to me for assurance. I smiled at him and nodded. Tommy continued. "Vince loves you very much and it's clear you've been very kind and loving to her. As one of his fellow sissyboys..." Tommy paused for emphasis and to observe Daddy's shock that one so intensely feminine could have crowded underpants. Then he continued. "I would like to offer you the benefit of my experience in what a sissyboy needs and how his Daddy can help give it to him. Can I show you exactly what I mean, Mr. Finley? Say on Tuesday night -- all night -- at my place? Here's my address and phone number. I'm sure someone as pretty as Vince will have no problem finding a `sleeping' companion for Tuesday night, or any other night. Do you? Well, call me and I'll see you Tuesday at six. Drink plenty of fluids that day." Then he kissed him, right on the mouth and even slipped him a little tongue. Poor Daddy had been unable to say a word, but we all three knew where he would be spending Tuesday night. I guessed I would have to impose on someone to share his bed that coming Tuesday night. I had so many exciting choices, versus the no choices I had had a few days earlier. I think Dad was just starting to realize the possibilities that were opened to him now that I was gaining full membership in the sissyboy community. Tommy's tight bottom seemed to be the first of many "openings" he would have. He smiled serenely as he opened his wallet to pay for my $722.37 in new clothes and such. Preteen Girls Naked After shopping, I went home with Mr. Wilson and Jerry went home with Daddy. A lovely Saturday night, filled with cummy fun, was had by all. The next morning, with a stretched, cummy, but happy bottom, I got dressed for church. I decided that dressing and acting sissyboy was something that I would have to convince Daddy was the right thing for me to do all the time. We all met at Saint Perpertua's for 10:30 Mass and I adored the sex-starved stares from all the males in the congregation. Daddy seemed so proud of me, that big hunk. I couldn't wait to get him home and all to myself the rest of that day, since Jerry and Mr. Wilson were visiting Jerry's grandparents in a town 20 miles away. Mr. Wilson's mother and father adored Jerry. His grandfather especially loved to sit Jerry on his lap and assist his daddy with his milking chores. After Mass, we hustled home, since the Packers were playing the Lions that day and the Green Bay team was a second religion in Wisconsin. Daddy changed into khakis and a polo shirt and lined up the snacks, just in time for a noon kickoff. I had never been much of a football fan, but I was a big Daddy fan, so when he invited me to get changed and join him for the game, I did so eagerly. I went to my room and dressed in the black, silk, brief underpants Daddy had bought me on Saturday. I was sizzling hot. Daddy was a good, mature man, but I knew I would have his big cock in my bottom before the day was out. I knew it. I sissied downstairs and noted with pleasure the effect my appearance had on my "victim." Daddy's forehead was sweaty and his crotch was stretched. Daddy was on the far left side of the couch, facing 22 hunky men in tight pants, thumping each other as sissyboys across America watched to see who would be the masters. Daddy gulped, but I kept to myself, crossing my legs now and then and asking dumb, sissyboy questions about the game. Near the end of the first quarter, I asked Daddy if he would like a drink. He asked for a Diet Pepsi and I wiggled into the kitchen to get an ice-filled glass of soda for each of us. When I came back, I set the glasses on the coffee table, then sat right next to Daddy. He reacted as if he had been shot. He felt so warm and manly next to me, but I know I was scaring him. I put my head on his shoulder and my arm across his stomach. We sat and watched the game for a few minutes, but Daddy was very uncomfortable, I could tell. After a few minutes of that, Daddy said, "I have an idea. You stay right here." Daddy stood up and went upstairs. I wasn't going anywhere. What was his idea? Ten minutes later, Daddy returned, carrying a small bag of items. "Lie on your back, Vince, and put your feet on the arm of the couch. That sounded interesting! On my back was exactly where I wanted to be with Daddy. He fiddled in his bag, then said, "When your mother and I were first married, she loved for me to give her a pedicure. I saved all the stuff and you've never had one. I'll do your pretty toes, then paint your toenails. Maybe that will cool us down a bit" So Daddy wanted to cool things down. An admission that he was hot for me. Like I didn't know that already! A pedicure didn't sound exciting, but I would take it. I was wrong. It was horribly exciting. And terribly intimate. Daddy took some baby lotion and rubbed it all over my feet and between my toes. Oh, Mama! My sissycock was outrageous. I didn't cum and actually calmed down a hair or two as he pedicured me, then put little cotton balls between my toes as he painted my piggies with clear polish. The game was at halftime and somebody was winning. Who cared? My toes were dry and Daddy had removed my cotton balls. I was lying on my back, wiggling my toes and feeling very randy, when it happened. "Your mother always liked me to do this when I was done," Daddy said. And he began to kiss, lick and suck each toe. And the areas between. Unnnnhhhhhh. It was sexual nirvana. More intimate than fucking. I couldn't stop myself from reaching into my underpants and pulling out my painfully excited cock. Daddy was merciless in his kissing and licking and sucking and I rubbed my cockhead and locked eyes with Daddy and BLEW a stream of cum across my stomach up my chest and onto my chin. And another stringy spurt. And another. Accompanied by the sissiest squeal ever uttered in Wisconsin. Oh, Daddy. You are the best. Daddy was in complete control. I was his toy. His slave of love. I would do anything he wanted. Would he fuck me? No again. He sat in the middle of the couch and asked me to stand. Then he asked me to lie on my stomach, along the length of the couch, my head to his left, my cum-soaked genitals going up his khakied lap. In a position where could spank me. Even that sounded good. "Are you going to spank me, Daddy?" I asked. "I've been very naughty." Daddy smiled. "No, Baby. You'll like this better." Daddy took the bottle of baby lotion and slathered his hand with it. Then he began to rub it all around my bottom. First the cheeks. Mmmmmm. Then in the inner folds. Wow! Then he rubbed it in my inner thighs and then he paused to reload on the lotion. Daddy asked me to spread my legs, something a sissyboy loves to hear. Then he reached between my thighs and held my little baby nuts in Preteen Girls Naked his gooey hand. He rubbed the lotion all around, driving me insane with pleasure. I was totally under Daddy's control. If he squeezed
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